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Gillian Flynn, author and screenwriter of GONE GIRL, is the Official Industry Expert for the Cinematic Book Competition.
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Discover the New Way to Be Discovered.

Breaking into Hollywood the old way is broken.

For decades, writers’ rooms have been profoundly gatekept. If your uncle isn’t the head of CAA, the most common way to “break in” as a Hollywood screenwriter is to move to LA and work as an underpaid assistant for two or three (or four, or five…) years grabbing coffees.

If you’re lucky — and we mean really, really lucky — this slog will win you the privilege of a meeting or two, during which you’ll most likely be told to “keep at it, kid.” Rinse and repeat.

ScreenCraft opens a new door.

It’s not 2015. You don’t have to do all that anymore to break into Hollywood.

ScreenCraft’s genre and format-specific competitions give every writer the chance to have their work assessed based on merit, not nepotism.

Entering ScreenCraft makes you part of a community that supports your writing, and gives you the chance to get noticed and join a distinguished group of past ScreenCraft winners and finalists from around the globe — whose careers are actively elevated by ScreenCraft and who are highly sought after by our prestigious industry network.

We Provide Unparalleled Support for Our Finalists and Winners

ScreenCraft’s Writer Development Team becomes your dedicated career advocate when you win a ScreenCraft competition, bridging the gap between you and top studio executives, managers, and agents.
We’ll provide 1-on-1 consultation & coaching to build your strengths
We’ll tap into a rolodex of industry connections we’ve been building for over a decade to connect you with the right industry professionals
We’ll guide you in achieving the next milestone in your writing career–whether it’s getting staffed in a writers’ room or simply getting repped


Meet the writers who used ScreenCraft competitions to break into the film and TV industry.
  • Shiwani Srivastava

    Signed with Manager (Affirmative Entertainment) & Agent (Paradigm Talent Agency)
    After winning the ScreenCraft Comedy Competition, the ScreenCraft team introduced her to an executive at Netflix, as well as her literary manager at Affirmative Entertainment.

    "I am not based in Los Angeles. I am in San Francisco and I thought the only way to get out there is to start entering contests and see what happens. And because of ScreenCraft, an opportunity did knock. They put me in touch with a manager, like he really understood what I was trying to do with my stories. ScreenCraft put me in touch with a producer and we ended up taking it to a major studio, who expressed interest in my script, which is beyond my wildest imagination. Eventually, everybody has some opportunity, some luck and you have to be ready, and I think ScreenCraft really helped me be ready."
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  • Alex Boyd

    Hired on CW’s “The Flash”
    "People really do make it in this industry,” says screenwriter Alex Boyd. “When I moved to LA to start my writing career, I knew zero people in the industry. So when I took the traditional mailroom route, I felt like I was the only person around without any connections. Even when I wrote something I was proud of, I often felt like it was wasting away on my hard drive with nobody to read.”

    In 2021, Alex entered ScreenCraft’s TV Pilot competition. He won. “I had been submitting to competitions for years now with some success, but I was particularly excited to enter ScreenCraft because of the genre-specific categories," he says. Since winning, Alex was hired to write an episode of CW’s “The Flash.”
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  • Tommy Wright

    Signed with Bauman Management
    "As writers it’s always challenging to distinguish yourself from others,” says screenwriter Tommy Wright, who was awarded a 2021 ScreenCraft Film Fund grant. He has since signed with a literary manager at Bauman Management. “I think ScreenCraft does an excellent job of encouraging and identifying unique talent and can put them in very advantageous situations which in turn breeds success."
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  • Nabil Chowdhary

    Signed with Writ Large Management
    After winning the grand prize in the 2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition for his project POD, Nabil Chowdhary was introduced to manager Bash Naran at Writ Large and subsequently signed with him. “Within hours of winning, I was put in touch with Bash," says Nabil. "Three weeks later, we were officially working together. ”

    In December of 2019, Nabil’s work was named to both The Hit List and The Black List as one of the best screenplays of the year. "I was in constant communication with the ScreenCraft team, seeking advice and looking for guidance on how to navigate this very new situation for me. They couldn’t have been more helpful."
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  • Nicole Ramberg

    Signed with Bellevue Productions
    “Winning a ScreenCraft competition — and ScreenCraft’s immediate assistance putting me in touch with managers afterward — was the foot in the door that I needed to jumpstart my Hollywood writing career,” says Nicole Ramberg, who signed with Bellevue Productions after success in the ScreenCraft 2020 Action Adventure screenplay competition.
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Hear why industry pros signed ScreenCraft writers.

I found my client through a ScreenCraft competition. His script that placed in the competition opens with a visceral car crash. I remember how sorry I felt for the lead character — that’s what initially grabbed my interest.

ScreenCraft does a good job of tracking emerging folks, and I like that their competitions separate scripts by genre, for people like us who might be looking for specific types of writers or projects.

Jon Hersh

Literary Manager, Housefire Management
I used ScreenCraft to find writers Shiwani Srivastava, Emily Cheever, Briana Bougard. Their voices really popped off the page. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying something straightforward, but in just a unique and specific way.

ScreenCraft means you don’t need to rely on nepotism to make it. They bring voices to the forefront. The American Idol of screenwriting!

Nicholas Bogner

Literary Manager, Affirmative Entertainment
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Competitions and fellowships are great ways to build your resume and get your writing in front of industry professionals. Don’t be afraid to put your writing out there. Critical feedback is the only way you can improve.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the work of emerging writers through ScreenCraft. It’s a fantastic way to cultivate new, unique, and diverse voices.

Greg Russo

Screenwriter, Mortal Kombat, ScreenCraft Judge
ScreenCraft reached out to me about one of their competition’s winners and gave me the ‘hard sell.’ I wasn’t really looking for new clients at the time, but I was intrigued.

I fell in love with the writer’s writing, and when I met her in person we got along incredibly well. In the two years that I have worked with her, she signed with awesome agents, has written on a couple of tv series, sold an original pilot pitch, and got a studio feature assignment and a television assignment as well. She is an absolute dream client in every way, and will have a bright future.

Kailey Marsh

Literary Manager and Producer, Brillstein Entertainment Partners

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